Reiki Room
Gain Experience with Real Clients

The Reiki Room Program is an initiative to support newly trained Level Two Reiki Practitioners to build confidence through experience with real clients in a real clinic.
Where did the idea come from?
There is a gap of support which Sarah has experienced herself and also witnessed her own students struggle with over years of training.

This gap is at the crucial moment after training where students are filled with motivation to help yet don't have the resources or experience to rent a room on their own. Spirit Earth Reiki believes in their students and in their ability to make impact within the healing arts. From this The Reiki Room Program was birthed as a way to bridge this gap whilst providing quality connections & community at the same time.

Curious about the program?

Open the PDF attached below and find out if you are eligible for this program & how you can begin seeing clients in a supportive, easy going environment from Gaia Mu Temple, Brisbane.

Information Package

Ready to enrol?

Once you have read the PDF above, then you may apply using the form below. Once you hit submit we will be back to you at the nearest convenience!

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