Usui Level II
Four whole day course delivery spread over 2 weekends with 5 days of at-home Reiki ritual
$650 with payment plan options
Taught by Sarah Robbie, founder of Gaia Mu & practising full-time Reiki Teacher for the past 7 years
Awakening the inner Reiki Practitioner is a pivotal moment in any Healers journey, as it is here that often one changes course and begins waking up to a life, in incremental ways so hard to see, which is aligned deeply for them. At Spirit Earth Reiki we aim to nourish this process as much as we possibly can.

In Reiki Second Degree, students will learn reiki symbols, methods of distance healing, the role of reiki practitioners as well as helpful business tips and the ethical considerations involved. The 5 days at-home ritual involves a distant healing sent and received amongst the group. The final day is  either a discussion + practice day or a full immersion of holding a Healing Session where students get to practice facilitating a whole session from start to end with their peers. This is done in a supportive, kind and wonderful environment aimed to build self confidence and send self aware, happy and talented healers out into the community.

This is a stunning course for those who desire to be a qualified, professional reiki practitioner, for those who are ready to embrace this healing art into their daily life or those simply wishing to extend their own self-healing practice.
"I've learnt a lot about myself, proven to myself that the transmission of energy is real. I've met amazing people and learn't a lot about my journey and where it is going"
Student Feedback Nov 2021
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